Salon pushes claim that evangelical Christians are "enemies of Jesus"

You can tell it is an election year, granted how the American left’s hostility to conservative Christians is once again getting particularly brazen. Writing for Salon, self-professed “liberal” pastor Nathaniel Manderson likens evangelical Christians to the “Pharisees of the New Testament.”

In his recent article “So who are ‘evangelicals’? And how did they become such massive hypocrites?” Manderson employs the language of an exterminator faced with a pest: “this mysterious species…seem to be a major problem in American society.”

In a 2021 interview for “The Beached White Male,” he claimed: “I like to make it plain as my guy Malcom X would say,” which is to say Manderson evangelizes with broad generalizations and vicious smears.

Manderson’s attack on evangelicals is a longstanding obsession. In fact, he regards it as a “crusade.”

Manderson formalized this crusade in the way of a 2020 presidential bid that went nowhere but to his head. Although he voted for Clinton in 2016, his “faith” in the Democratic Party had since been shaken. His thin platform was, unsurprisingly, anti-Trump, despite recognizing that conservative Republicans had made meaningful connections with working-class Americans.

Besides self-promotion, what drives Manderson’s crusade against evangelical Christians is his leftism, which makes him a go-to Trojan horse for left-leaning publications. His rhetoric is crowded with neo-Marxist sound bites that wouldn’t be out of place at a Sen. Bernie Sanders rally. In the Salon piece, he writes:

“These new Pharisees use their enormous political influence to reject foreigners, deny health insurance to millions, judge the poor as lazy, refuse any and all regulation of deadly firearms and stand in opposition to equality of opportunity.”

Those Americans that sold their cloaks and bought firearms he would denounce as un-Christian. It would seem even St. Paul is anathema, given his assertion: “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.”

The kind of Christianity the left tolerates is the kind of bastardized form Manderson peddles; one that insists that marriage need not be between a man and a woman; that aids in LGBTQ cultural imperialism; that disarms American citizens; that welcomes wage-suppressing waves of illegal aliens; and throws its political capital behind left-wing causes.

Evangelical Christians, particularly those with conservative viewpoints, “are enemies to the true message of Jesus—and to America.” The new inquisitor has spoken.