Courage Is Contagious: Jack Maxey Versus the Kakistocracy

Updated: Jul 12

Originally published: May 22, 2021

Disciple of Christ. Devoted father of two. US Navy vet. Yale grad. Wall Street fixer. American patriot. If Jack Maxey’s enemies were successful in stopping him, that’s how his eulogy might start off today. After all, he does have many enemies—any follower of Christ has a world-full to contend with, and a patriot keen on America’s restoration a correlated handful—and as Chuck Schumer threatened, the most powerful of them have “six ways from Sunday” to take a honest man down. Moreover, those enemies have a great deal to lose by Jack’s success, their interests being inversely linked with those of the American people.

We’re talking Washington’s most dangerous and unrepentant kakistocrats, the nihilistic materialists tearing down the West’s most important institutions, Chinese Communists, and those statists most desperate to snuff out liberty’s flame. Notwithstanding his cancellations and castigations, de-platforming and de-personing, Jack’s not remotely close to finished what he’s been put here to do, even though he’s already done a great deal and more than most. In a previous piece, I noted that America was worth a [spiritual] crusade, though at the time was ambivalent about providing examples of crusaders. Here’s one.

A convert to Catholicism and certain of the Virgin’s protection, Jack’s informal motto is “Be not afraid.” That is also what he views as the primary cure to the ills he has diagnosed in our politics, our spirituality, and in our culture. “Why should you be afraid of anything if the promises are going to be kept?” The lack of faith he’s observed in America—compounded by the corruption of our political and social institutions, the democratization of truth, and the moral relativism that debilitates all it infects—has systemic implications just as Adams and Tocqueville forewarned. Too many people, especially in positions of leadership, lack the conviction and the courage to speak truthfully. In the resultant relativist malaise, pernicious ideas have taken hold and power-hungry Machiavellians and Alinskyites alike have been afforded a historically unique opportunity to divide and conquer, and they have done just that, even in our most sacrosanct, secular institutions.

"Look at what’s happening in our military right now. We are going into a stand-down to seek out all the threats of white supremacists inside of our military. I was in the military. One of the beautiful things about the military is that you don’t look at anybody’s skin color. You’re looking at their left breast to see what ribbons, medals, and badges they have, and at what their rank is, because that tells you everything you need to know about that guy or girl…This divide-and-conquer effort is very dangerous and we’re playing right into the hands of the communists."

Maxey is not a partisan. After all, he is a disciple of the Word and no political group or party has ever been true to Christ year after year, generation after generation, at least enough to win a blind and uncritical following. Furthermore, no good man, woman or institution can afford to be so trusting that they would sign spiritual checks without knowing the depositor or the cause. Though antipathetic to slogans and the cult of personality, Jack supported President Trump, having recognized him as a forceful opponent of the uniparty in Washington, which has proven itself to be hostile to life, accountability, and change. Looking forward, he wants to see the power-hungry sidelined and the principled stand up, regardless of whether they’re conservatives, right-wing populists, democratic socialists, or liberals. In fact, he believes it imperative that good people, wherever they find themselves on the political spectrum, stand up to the plate without fear; not to bend to the zeitgeist or swing with the times, but to stand up for our humanity, against tyranny, and on behalf of life. (Jack gave a nod to Tulsi Gabbard who has publicly recognized that identitarianism and identity politics are anathema to a cohesive America. Americans aren’t colors—they’re human beings!)

Though this race towards self-destruction we’re presently on requires runners for which America has ample supply, contours of the track are frequently influenced by bad actors abroad, no different than was the case during the Cold War. Whether it’s enviromarxism or critical race theory, postmodernism or liberation theology, much of the noxious ideas germinating on campus, on the hill, and in the pews, have been manufactured by the ideological bastards of that evil ideology that claimed one-hundred-million lives in the 20th century and continues to do so in Communist-occupied China today.

"Remember the Red Brigades in the 70s and 80s in Italy and Germany? As soon as Communism collapsed, they became the Green Party. The objective remained the same: to collapse our system."

Of course the system Maxey is referring to isn’t just our liberal democracy, although it’s that too. This leftism chewing away at the American spine seeks to accomplish what the Soviets couldn’t in the Gulag: they wish to fully atomize us and kill our faith—not just in America and in one another, but in the God of love. Part of their strategy is taking vices and making them virtues, and transmogrifying elements of our humanity, such as our immutable characteristics, and turning them into things for which we’re apparently supposed to be ashamed (e.g. the pigment of our skin, our sex, our parentage, and so forth).

Jack emphasized that we must do away with superficial categorizations of the American family. He cites, for example, the fifteen-or-so racial categories people are prompted to choose from on the census. Jack sees need for only one box. “We have to stop defining ourselves by superficialities and start defining ourselves as Americans. That way we can go forward elbow to elbow.” In the interim, with the lunatic voices of leftist extremists amplified by woke capital, big tech, and the state—a fascistic alliance he regards as antithetical to the promise of America—we need to be brave, because speaking the truth is dangerous. It did, after all, get God killed, at least for 72 hours.

Unlike those willing to concede defeat in the culture war, Maxey doesn’t believe anything to be inevitable except God’s ultimate victory. “We have to be reminded of our character. We have to be reminded of our Constitution. All of those ideas need to be brought to the forefront.” Among the things to bring to the forefront, Jack emphasized the need to promote what unites us. “There are people of every color and ethnicity in this country that love the United States and want to be part of a brotherhood.” The problem is that there are:

"Certain elements within this country who find it advantageous to keep various groups at each other’s throats. If we can overcome that with a message of positivity—about traditional American ideals of brotherhood and sacrifice—we end up with a great opportunity; an opportunity to bring people into office equipped with an ethical point of view concerning their function."

The need to unite this country is greater than ever, not only because Americans need their country to be strong, but because the free peoples of the world need a strong America. The Communist Chinese are desperately trying to create a great blue-water navy. They now have submarines that are operational, equipped with medium-range weapons that could hit Guam and Okinawa in Japan. They may not be looking for a kinetic war, but they are nevertheless keen to become world hegemon by 2049, completing their hundred-year marathon. Rather than testing our strength of arms, the genocidal CCP is testing our moral strength, and so far, that strength—at least in our leaders—has been proved wanting. The CCP’s route to supremacy is a way paved by exploitation of the world’s greed in exchange for power and position. Their success, therefore, is contingent on our failure, both as Americans and as a moral people. Considered in the negative, the CCP cannot possibly succeed if we change the mettle of politician we send to Washington and how we regard one another moving forward.

Accordingly—and informed by his close study of China—Jack perceives the real and imminent threat not to be sourced across the ocean but rather here at home. The Communist Chinese we could put in check, he thinks, by a number of deft maneuvers, not the least of which would be withholding grain for a year and proving Beijing’s guarantee of greater material prosperity year-over-year a lie. It’s at home where we are most at risk of defeat, and where the majority of Jack’s energies have been devoted.

Like any good adventure, Jack’s has been unpredictable. He made his way from Yale to the US Navy; from Wall Street to Steve Bannon’s War Room; from seeker to dedicated adherent of the Word. This master sleuth, this investigative reporter, also happened to unearth the most damning evidence the fourth estate ever failed to cover.

Jack Maxey met Steve Bannon in the Spring of 2018 when they were both at the bedside of a dear and mutual friend who had been instrumental in Jack’s conversion to Catholicism, then in her final days in the earthly city. He and Bannon started talking.

Recognizing Jack’s unique perspective and prescience with particular regards to geopolitics, Bannon got Jack to participate in a group they had working on narrative and messaging for the 2018 midterm campaign. Jack accepted, thinking that it’d be nothing more than an hour on the phone, twice a day. After a week, Steve concluded that Jack should be running the group. In quick order, Jack took the helm and ended up writing a morning and afternoon newsletter with all the most relevant headlines, delineating what their responses should be, as well as providing context for their communications. These newsletters ended up going out to tens of thousands of patriots and populist insiders every day.

When the impeachment came around, Jack informally became Bannon’s head of research. Soon after, Bannon brought Maxey onto the extremely popular War Room Impeachment show. Though the focus of the show was then domestic, Jack remained plugged into the Asian scene.

On December 26th, 2019, Jack realized that something major was unfolding in China. He came across some chatter about a respiratory viral outbreak. Some Chinese on the ground feared that this might be a resurgence of SARS. Granted that another SARS outbreak would trigger riots in the streets not to mention panic in every hospital on the continent, Jack continued digging into all of the extant academic papers on SARS-COV-1 and into all the literature on the drugs and vaccines on offer. Weeks ahead of any mainstream western reporter picking up the story, Jack was among a handful of people globally parsing through the data. In fact, long before the media and medical establishments’ irresponsible misinformation campaign (which coincided with Beijing-directed efforts), Jack had already reached preliminary conclusions about the potential efficacy of hydroxychloroquine on the basis of the World Health Organization’s 50-page report documenting its successful and safe use in Africa (judged on the results from hundreds-of-millions of doses given).

Once it became apparent that this talk of a new SARS virus was no vicious rumor but instead already a reality—an outbreak rapidly devolving into an epidemic—Jack tipped off Bannon who recommended he continue to monitor it. After all, if things worsened, then this would be a huge deal they’d need to have a concrete understanding of. (By this time, most politicos in Washington were at the very least peripherally aware of the War Room’s coverage.) Sure enough, it was a huge deal, and with sufficient evidence of that fact—ten days before American intelligence services caught on in a big way—Maxey and the rest of the War Room team began to pivot their coverage of the impeachment to the pandemic.

Jack was dumbfounded by the wild misinformation and chaos that abounded where coverage of the outbreak was concerned—a disenchantment that would soon be greatly compounded by another reprehensible display of dishonesty, at least by the establishment and its apparatchiks in the mainstream media. Whereas he was detailing the bodies being stacked like cordwood in Wuhan, on the second screen the World Health Institute assured everyone there were no human-to-human infections. When he was discussing reports of incinerators being moved into the affected area to dispatch with the dead and dying, halfway across the world, Democrat mayors and governors were imploring citizens to take part in the Lunar Festival and discount the threat. War Room Pandemic was the tip of the spear where detailing the catastrophe that would soon become a global pandemic was concerned.

As the pandemic worsened and the 2020 presidential election neared, Jack Maxey’s adventure took another unexpected turn, this one providing him with an unbelievable insight into the perverse and corrupt world of the Bidens and all those lecherous establishment corporatists with whom they sold out America.

Before delving further into the matter of the Hunter Biden laptop story, it’s important to preface by pointing out that despite his waging information war against the genocidal Communist Chinese Party for over a year, it was this endeavor to bring truth to the public and the powerful to account that has been the most risky for Jack Maxey. Those implicated in the correspondence on Hunter’s laptop include international giants; cutthroat hatchet-men; crooked oligarchs; genocidal communists; foreign mafiosos; and major names in Washington, including but not limited to the some of today’s most prominent politicians and their kin. Moreover, Jack pursued the truth knowing full well what had become of past whistleblowers and truth-tellers, even in the United States.

A few Fridays ago, as the result of a FOIA request, the FBI released the Seth Rich documents (i.e. pertaining to his murder investigation). The investigator named on the documents, where over 97% of the information (including ‘unclassified’ information) is redacted: Peter Strzok. Recall that two days after Seth Rich was shot, Wikileaks, although unwilling to name its leakers, put out a $20,000 reward for leading to the arrest and conviction of Seth’s murderer. Without commenting further on Seth Rich’s case, one thing is clear: so long as there is plausible deniability concerning untimely ends, whistleblowers are an endangered species for whom justice is oftentimes kept out of reach. With this in mind, and recognizing also the American public’s dying hope for justice, especially after Hillary Clinton avoided any penalty for her treachery, Jack Maxey determined to take on the swamp. Be not afraid.

For his work on the laptop, Jack was targeted by America’s coercive tech oligopoly and the unaccountable statists they alternate in controlling and serving—both of whom have the two-fold illusion of transparency and a functional democracy to maintain. He has been banned from YouTube and Twitter for pointing out what the emperor had gotten up to in the nude. Besides angering the DNC, the Bidens, and Jack Dorsey, Jack Maxey has also ruffled the feathers of the heads of America’s once-esteemed intelligence agencies, the majority of whom called the upsetting truths he uncovered lies, hoping to bury him along with them. Jack pointed out the intelligence community’s impeccable and uncanny timing in denouncing the New York Post’s expose:

"I would love to highlight: on October 19, 2019, Leon Panetta (former head of the CIA), John Brennan (former head of the CIA), Michael Hayden (former head of the NSA), Jim Clapper (Former Director of National Intelligence), Nick Rasmussen (Former Director, National Counterterrorism Center), Mike Vickers (Former Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence), etc. all penned a ‘Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails’, declaring that the Hunter Biden laptop story and the evidence it discussed was all an utter fabrication—that it was Russian intelligence intended to undermine the integrity of the 2020 election. Curiously, nobody asked these high-ranking intelligence officials where they got that information; how they came up with that conclusion within days of the New York Post story’s release on October 14th [which prompted censorship from Big Tech despite the DOJ pointing out it was not Russian disinformation]; and how their suggestion was enough to ban all information about that laptop from appearing in the mainstream media for six months. And to say nothing of it weeks before the election…Furthermore, it’s bizarre how the FBI had a copy of the hard drive from the 9th of December from the year before. There was ample evidence indicating the laptop was real and its contents belonged to Hunter well in advance of the intelligence chiefs openly revealing their true colors and indifference to the truth…"

The result of the suppression of this story, both when it first came out but also when the FBI first discovered the laptop over a year earlier was nationally and globally transformative:

"If the FBI handed [the laptop] over to the impeachment committee so that they could verify that even half of what Rudy Giuliani was saying was 100% true, there would have been no impeachment, and there would have been no possibility for Joe Biden to enter the Democratic primary. Realistically—and I think this would have been better for the country—we would have had Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump. And if Tulsi Gabbard would have been in the mix, I would have probably voted for her…We were all robbed. Now, who would benefit from that? Status quo guys…Wall Street, big time."

Jack Maxey and Steve Bannon received a copy of the Hunter Biden hard drive from Rudy Giuliani in October 2020, around the time that they implored—for the sake of public knowledge—the New York Post to run the infamous and revelatory articles that ultimately got them censored on social media.

Jack recently provided a copy of the hard drive to the Daily Mail on March 3rd, 2021, whose team commissioned a computer forensics expert, formerly of the FBI, among other cyber forensic experts at Maryman & Associates, to confirm the nature of the contents and their origin. The Daily Mail has noted that “using the same forensics tools as federal and state law enforcement in criminal investigations, they found a total of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, and more than 2,000 photos”—the very same Jack spent untold hours scrutinizing and mapping out, both in terms of personalities implicated and criminal / political consequences. Extra to duplicating many of Jack Maxey’s efforts in confirming the identity of those implicated in the messages as well as the identities of the persons in the photos, email chains, texts, and videos contained on the hard drive, the cyber forensic experts found that “the operating system timestamps appear to be authentic, and no evidence was found to suggest that the timestamps or data were altered or manufactured…No indications were found that would suggest the data was manufactured."

So what sort of evidence would warrant a bold-faced lie and smear from fifty top [former] intelligence officials, including Hayden, Clapper, and Brennan? Though Jack shared a number of insights into the contents of the laptop with me, went into some detail in his March 19 interview with LifeSiteNews (here), and has supplied information that will be detailed in future articles in a major publication, it’s clear that only a book or a long-form podcast would do his knowledge justice. Nevertheless, some examples of the laptop’s verified contents that Jack Maxey has scrutinized and sought to bring to Americans’ attention despite the censorship by Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Government:

  • “I have multiple photos of Hunter Biden weighing crack cocaine. I have multiple photos of him smoking crack cocaine; multiple videos of him using crack cocaine; and examples of the head of the Department of Homeland Security and the leader of the Branch SS show up to rescue Hunter in [March] 2018 when he was not deserving of secret service protection—even his father wasn’t then deserving of Secret Service protection…[T]hey go to rescue Hunter in a hotel room with hookers and crack! Keep in mind: his father wrote a bill in 1989 that put hundreds of thousands of black men in jail for the crime of having five grams of crack cocaine, which he made equivalent, under the statute, to one-half kilo of powdered cocaine. So if you’re a white guy with your Porsche and your eight-ball, you’re doing community service. You turn that eight-ball into crack, and you’re going to jail for ten years. Federal prison. But not for Hunter Biden…By the way, the head agent who saved [Hunter Biden from the hotel room] retires four days later and is given ~$600,000-a-year job as the advisor to Airport Security at LAX.”

  • “Hunter Biden was still getting $39,000 a month from Burisma all the way up until when he lost his laptop. Remember how we heard about how ‘Hunter hasn’t been involved in that for a long time’? Nonsense. [On the laptop there are] receipts from Burisma all the way through March of 2019. There’s no notation indicating, ‘Here, this is the last one.’ In fact, the documents are actually generated by Hunter’s office.”

  • “Hunter tells [his therapist] about when he used to smoke crack with Marion Barry back when he was in college. FBI didn’t find it worthwhile to knock-in his door.

  • “Hunter is accused of abusing his 12-year-old niece. All in writing. His father knows about it. Dr. Jill Biden knows about it. His sister Ashley knows about it. His sister-in-law Hallie who accused him knows about it. Hallie’s sister knows about it. [Based on the correspondence it’s clear] everybody knows about it. And yet, the desire for the presidency was obviously more important to all these people than ultimately protecting a child. That’s everything that you need to know: that a man won’t protect his own twelve-year-old granddaughter—don’t you ever turn your back on that guy.”

  • “One of the things [a big-name fixer for Hunter et co] tried to run—and they were all involved—was a business called Ocho Rios Gaming. Ocho Rios Gaming—I’m not sure if it ever came into being and I haven’t taken the time to see if it ever went live—was an attempt to bring online gambling to Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Argentina. This required high-level negotiations with—and there’s correspondence showing they had these meetings—the head of the Treasury of Argentina and the Vice President, etc., all across the board…[And other prominent political dynasties were similarly in on the action.] When it came to the Ocho Rios Gaming, apparently Joe Biden lobbied on behalf of Hunter in these Latin American countries and brought in a prominent senator as ‘Mr. Gambling’ to convince them that this was all on the up-and-up.”

  • There is an instance where Biden lashes out in a flurry of texts, defending himself against allegations no one seems to have made, and repeatedly mentions dead girls in Ukraine.

Jack’s comprehension of the contents of Hunter Biden’s computer bests anyone else’s, including the usurper’s crack-addled son. This makes him dangerous. Of course, the danger has been displaced somewhat. The Swedes whose national security Hunter at one point in time sought to undermine on behalf of the CCP have a copy. Mayor Giuliani has a copy (at least up until today when his office and apartment were raided by Biden-directed feds) as does his lawyer. The FBI has at least one copy. (They had one of their top child-pornography investigators scrutinize its contents not long after the device and its nature were first discovered at the repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware.) There’s also the matter of the Russians having obtained an earlier copy, (i.e. when Hunter was robbed after partying with three Russians and a prostitute), and an unverified suggestion that the MOSSAD may also have gotten a thorough look. More recently, after being warned that his life was possibly at risk and cognizant of what happened to other possible whistle blowers—deemed coincidental by Peter Strzok—Jack provided a copy, as mentioned earlier, to the Daily Mail. It’s worth noting here Jack’s commendation of The Daily Mail and those involved in reporting on this story: it takes real courage and integrity—both lacking in far too many publications and journalists nowadays—to do this kind of work; the work that matters. Be not afraid.

Despite the incredible pressure to stand down and shut up, Jack isn’t afraid. He knows he’s in the right, and that he’s got the right people sweating bullets. More importantly, he knows that his job is not to play it safe, but to aim for the narrow gate and live honestly all the way through. When it comes to restoring America, he also knows it starts in each of our hearts. Just as he crosses himself routinely in public and unabashedly prays the rosary when out and about, he knows that a principled America is nothing if it is kept abstract. It is lived every day, especially when times are tough; especially when the addict selling out the country has a president for a father and the intelligence community going to bat for him—when speaking the truth might mean uttering your last.

Jack Maxey looks at every event in a historical light and evaluates it afforded a greater macro meaning. Ergo, while some people employing a narrow and naïve framework may regard his effort to bring America’s internal enemies to justice as a failure—as a matter of having fought the anti-law and lost—the truth is that the battle he’s engaged in is far from over. In fact, it has just begun. If men and women of faith and character, moved by love, keeping the commandments, and indifferent to mammon’s conventions, take the stage, pick up their crosses, and do what’s right based on the laws of God rather than the whims of weak men, then that fight will be won and America will again be victorious.

Jack Maxey invites any and all senators or members of congress to reach out at this time to help provide the American people justice and to clarify the truth concerning the dark dealings in Washington D.C.