City Council considering making New York City a Gun Free Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

Hours after the Supreme Court decided to uphold the Constitution and the right of Americans to self-defense, New York City Speaker Adrienne Adams joined Shaun Abreu and a cadre of other council members to announce new gun control legislation.

Adams accused the Supreme Court of threatening New Yorkers with harm—of transforming the metropolitan area into “the wild west.” It would seem gangs and criminals beat the justices to the punch, granted violent crime this year has already surged by 25.8% in the city.

Conflating the crimes committed using illegal firearms with the dearth of crimes committed using legal firearms, Adams stressed the need to establish “specific parameters for the designation of sensitive areas where legal firearms are prohibited from being carried by members of the public.”

On its face, the proposed legislation would zone a number of areas as “sensitive.”

Spectrum News NY1 reports that “child care facilities, schools, financial institutions, theaters, libraries, mass transit,” and their surrounds would constitute locations that would fall under this classification. This would in effect mean that the whole of the city would become a gun-free zone.

Will prohibiting legal firearms help bring down shootings? Whereby the law-abiding alone are disarmed? Or will this gun-free zone be little more than an area made ripe for conquest by bad actors?

Take Lori Lightfoot’s fiefdom of Chicago as one analog.

Gun ownership in Illinois requires an owner’s license (FOID) and a concealed carry license (CCL). To acquire a FOID, a prospective owner living in Chicago must satisfy a long list of criteria, some seen below.

Source: Eligibility rules via Illinois State Police.

According to the Giffords Law Center, Illinois gets an A- rating on its gun law scorecard. Its “Gun Safety Strength Rank” is 8 out of 50. Based on this rating, you'd think that Chicago–the gun-control honors student–would be a peaceful utopia.

Nope. Despite its “universal background checks, gun owner licensing, lost and stolen firearm reporting, waiting periods and…minimum age laws, open carry reporting, community violence intervention funding, risk protection orders and domestic violence gun laws,” Chicago nevertheless had 797 homicides in 2021. In the same year, 12,088 illegal guns were confiscated. Just last weekend, 61 people were shot, 10 fatally. Virtually every weekend, going back several years, at least one-dozen people are shot in Chicago.

Even Chicago P.D. admits that legal firearms aren’t the problem. So if the problem is illegal firearms, then what will prohibiting legal firearms accomplish?

This leads us back to the critical question and a follow-up: who precisely does the kind of gun-control laws now recommended by Adrienne Adams seek to disarm? And: do the recent spikes in crime have anything to do with the laxity and wokeness of the tack taken by District Attorneys like Alvin Bragg than with the weapons used?